Fishing Is in Our Genes

A Low-Carbon Footprint

Our extensive knowledge of the fishing grounds around Iceland, combined with a healthy fish stock and an improved search technology, allows us to travel the minimum distance necessary to catch our fish, creating the lowest possible carbon footprint.  

Furthermore, Iceland’s fishing fleet is among the most up to date in the world and is designed to limit oil use as far as possible. These factors ensure that our products have one of the lowest carbon footprints of any protein source available.

A Pioneering Quota System

The Icelandic fishing quota system was a pioneering project back in 1984. Four decades later, it has become the model for similar systems around the globe. It ensures that the Icelandic fleet catches only as much as the fishing stock can sustainably handle every year.  

The quota system, combined with innovative fishing methods, protects and preserves both the fishing stock itself and the fragile marine ecosystem around Iceland.

Pillars of the Community

Stormar is made up of four large fisheries based around the coast of Iceland. We are the continuation of a long tradition of vibrant fishing communities that are at the heart of Icelandic culture. In this way, knowledge and experience have been nurtured and passed down, allowing us to use sustainable methods to provide you with the best whitefish available. 

To remain at the forefront of sustainability, we always invest in the best fishing and processing technology available. This ensures excellent, dependable quality and reliable delivery.

Grafískt kort af íslandi
(dreifing útgerða um ísland)