Exceptional Seafood Customised to Your Needs

Premium Atlantic Whitefish

To maintain and guarantee quality, our products – including Atlantic cod, haddock, saithe, redfish, wolffish and langoustine – are carefully caught and handled, using a fishing system that allows for precise traceability right down to the time and place of capture.

Fresh Quality Product

Whitefish caught in Iceland’s fishing grounds is one of the best and most sustainable protein sources there is. We deliver a wide range of products that are fresh and made for your requirements.

Grafískt kort af lögsögu íslands
(úr hvaða hafi kemur varan)

State-of-the-Art Processing

Our processing facilities deliver fresh, frozen, salted and light-salted seafood. Using high-tech methods and processing technology, we provide products in a wide range of cuts, sizes, and packaging –meeting your needs and on request.

Contact our team for more information on available products, cuts, sizes and packaging.