The Wild
Taste of Iceland 

Stormar is a premium provider of wild-caught whitefish from the pristine waters of the North-Atlantic 

Fishing is
in our genes

The volatile ocean is our home. This is why we have always respected it – its gifts and dangers. Sustainable fishing, innovation and care are a natural result of generations of tradition and experience. 

Consisting of four of Iceland’s largest fisheries, we deliver unmatched quality with large scale reliability, innovative catching and processing methods and decades of experience. 

→ Brim → Gjögur → Ísfélag Vestmannaeyja → Skinney-Þinganes


We provide a variety of fresh wild caught whitefish from the pristine Icelandic fishing grounds delivered with care and customability to your needs. Our products, including Atlantic cod, haddock, saithe, redfish, wolffish and langoustine, are always caught and carefully handled in an innovative and sustainable fishing system with precise traceability right to the moment and place of capture. 

Our processing facilities deliver fresh, frozen, salted and light-salted seafood on demand. With innovative methods and processing technology we can provide our products in a wide range of cuts, size and packaging - suitable to your needs.

Fish on a pan with tomatoes


Hjalti Þór Vignisson
Managing director

Documents & export

780 Hofn
tel:  +354 822 7950


Ronan Irrien
Head of sales

Michel Guengant
Sales manager

Joel Pouchard
Sales manager

2 Rue du Puits
29600 St Martin des Champs
tel: 0298 880 423

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